Your Ultimate Guide to Freshers Week: 2021 Edition

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It’s officially September and the new academic year is about to start. The famous “ Freshers’ Week” you have been hearing about all your high school life is just around the corner. We bet your excitement about the allegedly “best week of your life” is increasing day by day. You must be feeling an odd mixture of curiosity, anticipation, and anxiety (let’s admit that because we have all been there).

We, at Wasteland Travels, understand your feelings as freshman students. So, in an attempt to calm your anxiety, we have prepared an article that answers all your questions about Freshers’ Week. Let’s have a look at it!

Is There A Purpose of Freshers’ Week?

Yes, there is. Freshers’ Week is a way of welcoming new students to the campus.

  • It provides the newbies with an opportunity to experience some of the extracurricular activities available at the university.
  • It is an entire week of events and fun activities planned to help new students to socialize.
  • The main purpose is, of course, to provide the freshers with an opportunity to have fun. Because the next years are going to be hectic.

Anybody and everybody can be a part of the festivities, regardless of their year of study. You just have to buy tickets and show up at the venue, simple as that.

What Kind of Activities Should I Look Forward to?

The Welcome Week is a very busy time. There are many social events to attend, student fairs to enjoy and many administrative tasks to complete. Here’s what to expect at the Freshers’ Week:

  • Freshers’ fairs are an essential element of Welcome week. These fairs offer you an opportunity to explore the societies and clubs and learn about the opportunities and services that your university has to offer. There are societies and clubs for people with varied interests like music, dramatics, literature, journalism, politics, volunteer services, etc. You can get their memberships at a very low cost. A lot of freebies will also be available so that’s an added benefit.
  • The most fun part of the entire week for the majority of the students is the nighttime activities. You get to go to pubs, bars, and clubs. Dance your heart out to your favorite songs, drink, and enjoy the disco parties. Fortunately, the campus life is returning with all of its vibrancy. So, unlike the virtual parties of 2020, this year is gonna be amazing!
  • Dinners and balls make up a major chunk of the Freshers’ Week activities. The dinners are usually a mix of fancy dress parties and other forms of recreation. Students get a chance to play dress-up and take some really cool photos.

Freshers Week in COVID Times

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things. Even though things are getting back to normal, we haven’t come out of the pandemic fully. Virtual activities and tours are arranged for students who can’t be physically present at the campus. You may have to show your vaccination certificate in order to enter the venue. Masks and face shields have become a necessity. However, keep your spirits up because everyone is trying their best.

Bottom Line

The Welcome Week takes place in the month of September. This is your opportunity to acquaint yourself with campus life and kickstart your year in the most thrilling way. Have a fun-filled Freshers’ Week!


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