Wasteland Travel: 10 Things Tourists Can Do in London during the Pandemic

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What makes London one of the most popular tourist destinations? Being one of the most alluring cities in the world, it has everything that you expect to have in a lively capital and city!

London is the much-loved city and the most heartening capital of England. It the magical and one of the most visited cities of the world. It attracts attention because of the diversity of nationalities, languages, and cultures. If you want to explore new or historical places, visit theatreland, enjoy beautiful lakes and rivers, appear at sports or other major events, festivals, view the glorious skyline, and go shopping, then visiting London will be the best option for you!

Tourism in London:

Wasteland Travel is here to assist you to learn about the activities tourists can do during a pandemic in London. We realize you all need a vacation right now, and with Covid-19 restrictions lifted, we should be able to travel abroad. But everyone should follow the SOPs like:

  • Maintain social distancing
  • Wash the hands properly
  • Wear masks
  • Cover mouth while coughing, etc.

With the ease of lockdown, so many prominent tourist spots are re-opening. Let us have a glance at the 10 things that tourists can do in London during the pandemic!

1. Visit London Parks and Gardens:

Nature has overpowering impacts on human physical and mental health. Similarly, going to some garden or park will help a lot in reducing stress or anxiety. London is very famous because of its beautiful gardens and parks. London has so many worth-watching parks and gardens. The gardens in London are made sure to have a different variety of species of plants and birds. Plus, beautiful lakes, decorations, ornaments, and beautiful benches enhance the beauty.

Most of the gardens and parks are under the crown rule. But they allow the public to visit, walk, run, or picnic there. They are open with free entrance. One of the most famous gardens in London is Kew Garden. This is a botanical garden that soothes the mind and eyes. The best spot to visit!

2. Visit Historical places or English heritage sites:

We do not think there exists a single person who would not like to visit some historical place!

The adored city London is a homeland of historical places and monuments. These historical places are full of stories. You will find different cultures, fine food, and a lot more! English heritage has preserved about 400 historic buildings, monuments, and sites. The homeland of famous landmarks-London is the best option to visit as a tourist!

These immaculately kept buildings and grounds are some of the most significant representations of British architecture and history. One can enjoy and feel everything alone or with family and friends.

3. Enjoy theatre and watch movies:

There were no chances of get-together during the lockdown. Right? But we can have some get-together with ease in terms of rules and lockdown. People rush to the city for the bright lights, sparkle, and gloss of a night at the theatre, enjoy movies or stage with popcorn or other edibles. Theatres were always full of the audience at night.

With the decrease in COVID-19 cases slowly and surely theatres are getting their glam back. Most of the theatre stages are going to get hit once again. Indoor theatres are back now but while maintaining the social distancing!

4. Enjoy delicious supper and famous foods:

If you are a foodie, then London is the right spot for you! This would be good news for you that London comes out on top of a list of 21 cities and has been declared as the “best food city in the world” by the prestigious National Geographic magazine. One who visits London must visit its restaurants and enjoy a meal there! London’s restaurants are some of the world’s best restaurants. The factors that make them unique and stand out from the crowd are!

  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Variety

If you ever visit restaurants in London, from trendy high-street restaurants to posh eateries, you will get a rich option of food. When the lockdown ended, dining in with proper SOPs was allowed during the pandemic. Moreover, dining out during the pandemic is suitable for singles, couples, and small groups.

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