London For the First Time? Here Is What You Need To Know


Traveling to a new city can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know where the best places are, and how to get around once you’re there with a group of friends. This guide offers all the information you need about traveling through London without encountering any problems along the way. If you’re visiting London for the first time, you’re no doubt overwhelmed with all the things to do. This post will give you some tips on what to do when you visit this wonderful city. London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and it’s easy to see why. There are so many amazing attractions and sights that it would take weeks (or even months) just to see them all!

With so much going on, visitors can sometimes feel a little lost or uninspired about what they should be doing with their day.

That’s where wasteland travel comes in. Below are some tips for getting started exploring London as a group of visitors. With this article, our goal is to make sure anyone reading it knows exactly what they need before their trip begins, so they won’t have any surprises.

Things to Consider Before Starting Your UK Trip


This might be the most important thing you have to think about when visiting a new city, especially if it’s your first time going somewhere alone.

Luckily for London visitors, there are so many ways to get around in this part of England. It does differ depending on which borough you’re staying in (of course), but most places have a bus and metro system that you can use to get around.

Buying an Oyster Card or Group Day Travel Card might be the best possible course of action in this regard. These cards allow you to access public transport conveniently without having to buy single-ride tickets.

Getting the Right Payment Solution

If you’re going to exchange money before your trip starts, make sure that it’s all done in advance. You don’t want any surprises when exchanging cash on arrival at an airport or train station because of fluctuating currency rates.

However, the most convenient form of payment would be utilizing your debit and credit cards throughout the journey for payments. Having a Contactless Card can solve it all for you.

Prepare for Hotel Costs

This tip applies if you’re staying at a hotel while in London. When planning your trip and checking out prices of different places online, make sure it matches up with what you’re spending.

In general, Central London is the most preferred choice of most visitors because it provides quick access to major destinations. However, hotels in these locations are pretty expensive, given the proximity to various tourist spots.

For people looking for an affordable range of residence options, we would suggest considering Victoria. There are a variety of budget-friendly hotels available to you. Plus, you can return to your desired location within a few minutes thanks to the transportation network there.

Plan Ahead with Passes & Tickets

Passes allow you to get into places that are normally paid for through a single purchase. When planning your trip ahead of time, make sure you know what passes are available and how much they cost.

For instance, buying a London Pass can provide free access to major destinations, including the Tower of London, London Zoo, Westminster Abbey, and many other hotspots for tourists.

Get Out of Town!

Everyone knows that London is a huge city, but did you also know there’s so much more to it than just the city center? If you are staying more than a week in London, we recommend visiting stunning spots on the outskirts of the city.

Get out of town and visit some cool places like Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, or Bath. These are all an hour train ride away from London – perfect for a day trip!

London’s Top Attractions – Where to Go?

In the last section, we will discuss the best places to visit in London. The following are the must-go places for anyone willing to visit London very soon!

London Eye

The London Eye is a great way to see the city from above and has an amazing view of Westminster Palace, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, and many more landmarks of this beautiful city.

The height of the London Eye is 135 m, and it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in London. For the best views, get there at sunset when everything is lit up.

Buckingham Palace

If you’re a history lover, this old palace should be at the top of your list. Buckingham Palace was originally built for the Duke of Buckingham back in 1703 but then King George III bought it from him to use as a summer retreat.

Nowadays, the official London residence of The Queen is open for everyone to visit between July and September.

However, you can view the majestic change of the guard tradition if you are visiting the city between May and July.

The Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of London’s top attractions due to its historical significance in this city. It was built during the Queen Victoria era and used as a way for ships to go through without disturbing traffic on the River Thames below!

This is a great place to visit if you want to get some amazing pictures of the city.


Big Ben

One of London’s most famous landmarks is Big Ben which sits on top of the Elizabeth Tower. London’s iconic clock tower has stood as a symbol for more than a century.

It was also named St Stephen’s Tower back in 1834. However, it got its popular name from Sir Benjamin Hall who was responsible for this construction project.

The clock tower has been featured in many Hollywood movies such as Mars Attacks where a UFO attack demolishes the structure.

British Museum

The British Museum is another great place to visit when you’re in this city. This museum hosts an amazing collection of art, sculptures, coins, books and so on that were gathered throughout the centuries by British people.

The famous Rosetta Stone can be found here as well as many other artifacts from Greece and Rome.

And the list never ends…

We at wasteland travel believe visiting the UK is an adventure of a lifetime that every group of friends has to experience at least once in their lives.

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