How Brexit Will Affect The Ski Season Going Forward


What Does Brexit Mean for Ski Lovers?

So, the ski season is just around the corner and many of you may have your adventures planned. However, in these post-Brexit times, things may be a bit different for ski-lovers in the UK. Here is a recap of the key events related to Brexit to refresh your memory. On January 31, 2020, the UK withdrew from the European Union. An 11 month transition period ensued which ended on December 31.

Many aspects of the UK-EU relationship changed as a result. This led to general confusion among tourists and travelers intending to visit the EU countries. With most of the prominent ski resorts in the EU states, travelers are disconcerted by the situation. However, there’s no need for you to worry about anything! In this article, Wasteland Travels has compiled all the necessary information. Read it to acquaint yourself with the new rules.

Passport and Visa Rules

  • Brexit hasn’t nullified your British passport. It will still be valid if you want to travel from the United Kingdom to the European Union. 
  • You will just have to make sure that your passport is valid for 6 months, at the least. Also, the passport shouldn’t be older than 10 years. If all this sounds too complex to you, you can check your passport’s validity, through an online toolprovided by the UK government.
  • According to the new rules, the British citizens cannot avail themselves of EU fast-track lanes and custom lanes.
  • You can still go to one of the EU countries for a skiing expedition or any other reason, without a visa. However, if you have a long holiday scheduled in your mind, you may need a visa or a permit.
  • The rules will change from 2022 and onwards. You will have to get an ETIAS visa waiver to visit the European countries.
  • Tourists from the United Kingdom can stay in a member country of the EU/Schengen for 90 days. This limit applies to the European Union as a bloc.

Would It Affect the British Ski Workers?

The travel industry employs about 25,000 UK citizens to work in the European Union. Many of these people hold different jobs in ski resorts. Unfortunately, the Free Labour Movement ended after Brexit. Under this movement, the Britons were allowed to work freely in the EU member states. Now that the UK is no longer a part of the European Union, a lot more paperwork is involved. The workers would need to stay for longer than 3 months which requires a visa and a work permit.

Key Takeaways

Essentially, Brexit means that Britain wouldn’t be treated as a member of the European Union anymore. If you are looking forward to an enjoyable ski holiday in the EU states, make sure to go through all the new passport, visa rules. You also need to keep in mind that your European Health Insurance Card, EHIC, will no longer be acceptable.

These days, the first thing an international traveler has to deal with is COVID restrictions. Every EU country has its own rules and regulations in this regard. Before scheduling your vacation, we suggest you check out the COVID restrictions of the country you intend on visiting. Wasteland Travels makes sure to keep abreast of all the new rules and the revisions made in the previous ones. Book with us for hassle-free paperwork. Have a safe and exciting ski experience!

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