9 trips you need to take after graduation

grad trips ideas
1. Camping at a National Park
Looking for a breath of fresh air after weeks of late-night study sessions? Grab a few friends and head out to your nearest national park for an outdoor adventure! Camping is a great and cheap way to take a trip, and you’ll be blessed with countless natural wonders and hiking trails to explore.
2. Living in the lap of luxury in DubaiHome to the world’s largest mall and the world’s tallest building, Dubai is a world of extremes. This sprawling desert oasis has established itself as a world leader in innovation, technology, and tourism.
3. Road-trip across the USA
Hiking, skiing, shopping, the USA has it all. From the bright lights of Hollywood to the snow-covered peaks of Denver and the desert plains of Arizona, the United States has something for everyone. Regardless of whether you’re in the mood for a city break, a tropical escape, or an action-packed adventure, a road trip across the land of the free will have something for you!
4. Island-hopping in Greece
Greece is a mosaic of experiences, populated by idyllic islands, clear blue seas, and spectacular architecture. From the traditional Cycladic homes in Santorini to the rich history of Athens, a trip to this breathtaking country certainly cannot be missed!
5. Discover a slice of paradise in Bali
Bali –the Island of the Gods –is the best place to wind down and de-stress after graduating. With idyllic beaches, breathtaking scenery and delicious food, Bali is a dream destination. Learn to scuba dive in the Gili Islands, practice yoga in Ubud or party the night away in Seminyak.
6. Backpacking around Southeast Asia
For young travelers on a budget, Southeast Asia is the place to be! From Malaysia to Thailand, this trip is one you’ll never forget. Make sure to set aside a few months to see as much as possible and embrace spontaneity! From jungles to beach parties and ancient temples, this trip will have anything and everything you could need!
7. Croatia
Croatia has spent the last decade as Europe’s fastest-rising holiday destination, and it’s easy to see why. The country is the perfect destination for lovers of nature, adventure, and history. The city of Dubrovnik is also famous as the setting for the popular TV series Game of Thrones.8.Amsterdam canals, tulips and windmills The Netherlands showcases nature’s magic at its best. The country is often reduced to its capital, but the smaller cities and towns are just as picturesque.
9.Ski trip
Looking for something a bit different? Not a fan of the sun? A ski trip is the perfect winter getaway, filled with stunning scenery, fresh air, and a perfectly idyllic ambiance. If you’re looking for a trip to take alongside all your friends’ post-graduation –ski holidays are the perfect group activity, try  booking with WhiteRoad , for amazing deals.

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